How It Works

  Each month you'll get a box filled with teas ranging from classic, to luxury, to awarding winning teas. Once you taste our teas come back and shop at our Serenity tea shop for other great tasting teas. 

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 Time For Tea 

 Your box will include 4 sample pack of loose leaf teas from around the world which can  includes decaffeinate teas (Tisane), green tea, white tea, black tea, oolong tea, and specialty blended herbal teas. You will also receive a gourmet snack to go along with your tea time. 

 Each Tea Is Hand Blended 

Choose a Plan

   You can choose to receive month to month, 3-6 month gift, or 12 month gift.  You will receive a discount  for those who choose the 6-12 months. Get a a starter kit with first order. 

Get It and Love It! 

Get a package!

 Your Serenity Tea box will be delivered shortly after the 15th of each month. Each box is hand package with love. Each subscriber will receive a Tea Starter Kit on first order. 


Start your box today!

Come and enjoy your time in serenity with our incredible loose leaf teas from around the world. ENJOY THE  SERENITY OF TEA!

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