Frequently Asked Questions

What is True Serenity Tea?

 True Serenity Tea  box is a monthly subscription tea service that provides you with a variety of different luxury organic loose leaf teas and snacks delivered right to your door every month.  You will receive  4 premium teas, Biodegradable tea pillows, Exclusive deals for subscribers, Steeping guidelines, Free shipping in the online shop

How does it work?

 You can choose a monthly reoccurring subscription, one time gift, 3, 6 months subscription , or a  12 months subscription

When does True Serenity Tea Ship?

 True Serenity Tea ships all subscriptions, ongoing and gift, after the 20th business day of the month. Shipping is $5.00 a month for USA.

Other Questions come to mind?

 If you have other questions that we haven't answered don't hesitate to reach out to us at 

I have allergies to certain blends, what do I do?

 Don't worry we are on it. Once you have subscribed  please email us and let us know more about  your allergy – we can mark it down on your profile so you can enjoy  your tea subscription without health concerns.   However,  we cannot guarantee prevention of  cross-contamination;   please email us before you purchase.   True Serenity  teas are hand-blended in a single facility that also use diary and  tree nuts.  

 How do I cancel my subscription?

 All subscription can be stop at anytime. Your cancellation will take effect in the next billing cycle.  If you need additional assistance email us at

Are you ready to subscribe to True Serenity Tea?

  Our teas are the perfect way to end the day. When you step into your home to distress and exhale,  come sip to  Serenity.